Krkonoš fairytales or TRAUTENBERK AND KRAKONOŠ

Vlastimil Peška

Krkonoš fairytales or TRAUTENBERK AND KRAKONOŠ

(Inspired by characters from the fairytales of Marie Kubátová and the collection of Paul J. Praetori.)
Direction and Music: Vlastimil Peška
Stage production: Michal Hejmovský

The greedy and selfish Trautenberk, his servants Hanče, Kuba and Hajnej, and the master of the mountains Krakonoš are the main characters in this classic fairytale from M. Kubátová. You can now see their new stories on the stage, involving a magic whistle, hunting Krakonoš deer and magic bagpipes. As we already know, Trautenberk always wants everything to be to his advantage, he abuses the kindness of Hanče, Kuba and Hajnej – but he can’t get one over on Krakonoš, so he is finally justly punished for his dishonesty. In the fairytale, of course, there are also a variety of animals, many of which are in the kingdom of Krakonoš.

Length of performance 1 hours 20 min..

Krkonošské pohádky

Krkonošské pohádky Krkonošské pohádky Krkonošské pohádky Krkonošské pohádky Krkonošské pohádky

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