The BEATLES or Yellow Submarine

Vlastimil Peška

BEATLES or Yellow Submarine

Director: Vlastimil Peška
Theme: Jan Bílek
Design: Irena Marečková
Music: The Beatles
Musical arrangement: Vratislav Lukáš and Vlastimil Peška
Choreography: Ladislava Košíková and Hana Košíková

Another in the series of performances “from ten to one hundred”. The Beatles or Yellow Submarine is an invitation to the 1960s, when the world was divided by the “iron curtain” but at the same time when there was a political and social relaxation and when many established customs and traditions were torn down. The symbols of the time were long hair, short skirts, flowers, guitars and – The Beatles. George, Ringo, Paul and John “moved the world”. In the Radost theater their journey in the Yellow Submarine and especially their music introduces young audiences to the years when “something was tried and something was changed” – and the older ones can recollect how that they grew up in a period that was inspiring and left many indelible marks. The screenplay for the production, which reminds many of the key events and personalities of this period in an interesting and often very humorous way, provides a plethora of information which could well be subtitled an “Encyclopedic of the 1960s”. The overriding component is of course the famous musical group. The scenic renditions of the songs are very impressive and evocative.

Duration: approx. 1 hr. 30 min.

BEATLES aneb Žlutá ponorka
BEATLES aneb Žlutá ponorka BEATLES aneb Žlutá ponorka BEATLES aneb Žlutá ponorka BEATLES aneb Žlutá ponorka

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